The face of

HAir Extensions Direct

Hi, from me Benita - the face and founder of Hair Extensions Direct.

My aim in life is to Empower Woman to BE who and what they WANT to be. 

I believe that whatever career prospects you have, whatever business or strenght you can make a difference in this world. 


My Passion is People, I found Hair and Beauty to be my way of bringing positive change to the lifes of my clients.


In my workshops I personally teach and inspire each student, showing you all my tips & tricks that I have experienced in the last 23 years of being in this wonderfull industry. 

choose the package you feel suites you best .

Experience the freedom of making your own $$$ and also the feeling to touch another souls life.  

Whether you cross my path for a new look or, for a new career..... I aim to empower you through the love of what I do... and by sharing my knowledge and passion hope to inspire YOU to share the Love and passion of what you have to give to all that crosses Your path.