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6 Tips on how to care for your Hair Extensions

Big Bouncy Curly Wax Hair Extensions

Follow these easy Tips and Keep your Hair Extensions in Perfect condition for longer



Brushing your extensions is vital to keeping your hair beautiful.

Done at least twice a day with the help of the correct brush will ensure your lovely

Hair Extensions stay soft and tangle free. The Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush glides effortlessly over any bonding.

(Keratin Wax, Tapes, Nano Beads, Shrinkies, Wefts, WEaves etc)

Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush is perfect for your Hair Extensions



a Good Moisture hair care product is required to clean them and deep Treat them!

Washing your Extensions at least twice a week is crucial to ensure enough Moisture is absorbed into the hair follicles, keeping your Hair Extensions smooth and shiny for longer!

We recommend our Cruelty Free In Salon Approved Hair Care Range in Deep Muk.

Use only Muk Hair Care with Hair Extensions Brisbane Hair Extensions

2. Condition Like a Pro!

A Good Quality Nourishing Leave-In conditioner such as our Deep MUK Leave in Mist is perfect to include into your cleansing routine. Using our fine misting Moisture Leave in conditioner spray will leave your hair soft, protected and moisturized without weighing your Hair Extensions down.



Whilst sleeping with your Hair Extensions Wet is not a very good idea, using No to low Heat in the drying process will extend the life of your New Hair Extensions Dramatically. Being a Professional Hair Extension Technician for over 25 years, I cannot stress enough how detrimental excessive heat is to Hair Extensions and, Since most of us use Heat during the styling process eg. curlers and straighteners, limiting the heat from our hair dryers can add months on-top of our Hair Extension lifetime. This will reduce Shedding, breakage and reduce the possibility of your bonds going sticky.

Hair Extensions Washing instructions


5. SWIMMING.....

Yes You Can :-)

Taking care of your New Hair Extensions in summer needs to include serious after and before swim care routines. Salt and Chlorine water aren't your Hair's best friend. This counts for your Hair Extensions and your Natural Hair.

But... Good News.. Follow these simple instructions and your hair will Love you for It!

* before swimming -

Wet Hair with normal tap water and apply a good thick layer of

Deep Muk Conditioning treatment.

* After Swimming -

Rinse hair with normal tap water after and again apply a generous coating of Deep

Muk Conditioning treatment.

* Wash Hair with Shampoo and Conditioner as soon as possible.

hair extensions on the beach


6. Visit your Hair Extension Stylist Regularly

Even the best quality Hair Extensions Need upkeep which means that caring for Hair Extensions also involves trips to your Hair Extension Stylist for a professional upkeep. Your Hair can look absolutely gorgeous for up to a year if you decide to follow the rules and check back in with Us every 5 to 7 weeks for professional, thorough de-tangling, styling, 6 week trim and eventual Re-Fitting.

Benita our Head Stylist at Hair Extensions Direct (Brisbane) offers complete routine check ups for most types of Hair Extensions. BYO or Non Hair Extension Direct Hair Extension applications also welcome.

We include a Free Deep Treatment with all full Re-Fitting Services to boost the moisture in your Hair Extensions promoting soft natural moving Hair.


Call Our Hair Extension Stylist Benita on

0450 010 399

for your free Hair Extension check UP