•Due to hair extensions being a personal choice - No returns or exchanges can be given after application,   please choose colour, length and texture carefully.

•Goods remain the property of Mobile Hair Extensions Direct until Invoice is paid in full.


•We do not accept returns after the hair has been applied to the new wearer.

•Please note: From time to time there may be variations in colour baths which are beyond   our control

•Wavy Hair - Due to the perming solution sometimes the colour is slightly different, please note there can be no returns as hair has to be checked before application.

* End result of hair Extensions after application varies from client to client.  This depends on Own hair lengths, texture and colour. 

*Pls contact MHED within 7 days of application for any alterations or concerns.


(MHED does not recommend Colouring or Toning of the Hair) Purchaser does this at own risk.

  But when tinting:

•ALWAYS apply colour to DAMP hair

•Use Semi Permanent Colours only

•ALWAYS carry out a TEST STRAND before applying (No responsibility will be taken by the supplier for incorrect colouring/toning)

•Do not bleach

•Do not Use inferior toning product.

•Do not Perm

 Once Again MHED cannot be held responsible for any and/or all alterations (Toning, Cutting, Blending or any product-use after application)


   Only to be done by a Qualified Hair Extensions Professional

• For the best results always Razor Cut

•ONLY Sharp Razors to be used when cutting

•Texturizing Scissors can be used for thinning, always use on a diagonal angle to avoid any blunt lines

•Layer Extensions into hair to make them look and feel natural


•For Wavy Hair to look its best only use Products ascribed and supplied by MHED.

•The Wave will drag down if the layers are too long.

•Wavy Hair is slightly different in colour due to the perming process.


MHED does not recommend maintenance by a non-professional or unqualified person.

MHED only warrants maintenance by allocated technician on consultation date (Only to be altered or changed by MHED)

•We recommend a MOISTURE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - Products such as our in-house tried and tested range. We recommend Argon/Moroccan oil products (Supplied by MHED) - Deep Moisturising Shampoo, Deep Moisturising Conditioner, Leave In Moisturiser, Intense Hydrating Treatment and Shine Spray (Supplied by MHED), (NO PROTEIN to be used as a treatment - this strips the cuticle of the Hair Extensions) 

•A 6 week trim is always advised to keep the ends in good condition (MHED only warrants maintenance by allocated technician on consultation date (Only to be altered or changed by MHED)

•Only Brush hair from top of Roots to Ends to prevent matting only use a loop brush (Supplied by MHED)

Limitations of Liability

To the extent permitted by law and subject only to any express exceptions contained herein the supplier shall under no circumstance, be held  liable in any way whatsoever to the customer for any form of damages, losses, cost, injury or harm sustained or occurred by the customer or any other party in consequence of or resulting directly or indirectly out of the supply, performance or use of the goods or out of any breech default or any negligence of the supplier under or in connection with this agreement.

As is the case with any wearable product and with natural wear and tear ensuing (in some cases much more noticeable than others), Maintenance of Hair and Hair products or otherwise, used on "The Hair Extensions" becomes the responsibility of the customer.

MHED has no control over the goods once it is applied to the customers own hair.

Maintenance Consultations with MHED, of said product is set at a standard rate of time, already due in some cases after four(4) weeks, after having the product (hair extensions) applied.